Business Software Google search indicates a changing trend in Small Business Management

When we developed iQDesk 1.0 back in 2008 we were determined to break the vicious cycle of Business Software users. We wanted to make small business owners realize
that they actually need to use some sort of automation tools to run their businesses. The corporate business world has moved on to using technology over a decade ago, and the phrase “Business Automation” was already deep inside the corporate jargon. The problem was that the small business owners never moved this fast and stayed behind with anything to do with management through technology.
Now , small business owners are actively seeking Business Software to run their business. If you judge by Google search itself you can see that hundreds of thousands are looking for business software and other related keywords every month. Looking back 10 years you would have found only a few thousands searching for any kind of Management Software.
This clearly indicates a change in trend, which is great. We wanted to educate people to use technology and automate many processes in their small business.

We knew that it was a matter of time, and many business owners were at first reluctant to use any kind of technology. They watched the big companies using the big brands which were mostly heavy to use, complex and had very little to answer a small business management needs.

When we released our iQDesk 1.0 which was Free Business Management Software it had a very slow start. The software was excellent especially for a free tool , so we couldn’t figure out why so few have downloaded it. Being a Development House we continued educating our clients about the need to use automated systems and other business software, if only just to make their life a little bit easier. We saw that most clients were actually open to the idea of changing the way they work.

We have also noticed that there were other small companies that started developing Small Business Software themselves which were quite good tools. A year later sometime around 2009-2010, we have noticed a shift in trend. It must have had to do with the banking crisis. Many small businesses have emerged and the search for Business Management Tools was massive! My theory was that many people who worked in the banking industry and other big corporation have been let go. Those people had a tremendous exposure to technology in their previous job at a large organization, so when they set up their new businesses they were naturally looking for business software to run their businesses. Those people didn’t need to be educated into using technology, coming from a big organization ,this is what they knew they needed.

Today, more than 25,000 people have downloaded iQDesk 1.0, most, if not all of the users are small companies. We are happy to be part of this changing trend.
We are now releasing a better and much much improved version of this business software, as part as our commitment to motivate small business owners to be the best they can.

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3 thoughts on “Business Software Google search indicates a changing trend in Small Business Management

  1. This is very true, almost anyone I know in the small business community is using some sort of business management software, looks like this is the way to work nowadays :)

  2. great post ! Its amazing the mind shift that people have experienced in the past decade, not only when it comes to business software, but also to anything to do with personal freedom, being a business owner and running your own affairs is just one aspect of it. Technology freed people for many years now and it continuing in helping people to free up more of their time. I guess there is no other alternative but to turn a little cyborg ourselves.

  3. I have been using business software of all kinds to manage my business. i think that i now using maybe 3-4 different business management software to run it..not ideal

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