How do Business Software contribute to the Paper-Pushing industry?

Recently, I have been thinking about something an ex-colleague of mine said. Back then we were both working for a large organization in the banking industry. I was her team manager and she was and still is a very clever, no-nonsense kind of girl. One day over a pint at our regular pub, she told me that she was looking to do something meaningful in her life and that she was tired of pushing paper and dealing with made-up issues that don’t really exist.  What she said stayed with me for many years later. Unfortunately, this girl couldn’t really break from this paper-pushing industry and she is still employed in another large bank doing another meaningless executive/specialist kind of job.

Technology and specifically, business software, or any kind of business automation, should have long freed people from these long working hours. If you think about it, with such advanced technology, how is that, that we are working longer hours today then 40 years ago? Why hasn’t technology in fact revolutionised the employment market?

if you happened to read David Graeber article , you will see that he is addressing the exact same issue , he further reminds us that in 1930, John Maynard Keynes predicted that, by the year 2000, technology would change the working world so dramatically that first world countries would all move to 15 hour weeks.
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So why hadn’t it happened? According to David Graeber, it actually had and in a big way.  If you just open your eyes and check among your co-workers, friends or family, you will undoubtedly find many of them are employed in nonsense jobs that either can be not done at all, or can be done in one quarter of the time.  According to David Graeber,the reason people are in fact working long hours is that the governments have an interest to keep us all busy all the time and employed all the time.  I would also like to add to that, the employees themselves are scared from technology, knowing that the business software can replace their job and make them redundant.  You will find many employees opposing any kind of business automation fearing of losing their jobs to the machines.

As this fact may be sad but true for our fellow employees, for us, business owners is a totally different story. We are happy to see that  John Maynard Keynes’ prediction materialised in reality, and that the working hours actually have been reduced dramatically.  As business owners, we can use  technology in our benefit by harnessing its’ true capabilities to help us with our work.  Today, I can’t even begin to imagine how much longer it would probably have taken me to run my daily duties without using technology.  We can make  John Maynard Keynes proud and demonstrate a shortened working week as he so cleverly predicted by trying to get our workload as automated as possible.


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12 thoughts on “How do Business Software contribute to the Paper-Pushing industry?

  1. This does struck a cord, i remember the idle hours of my employment days as an insurance executive. So many hours of staring at the screens, pretending to do something on Excel. Such wasted days.

  2. wanted to add that working as a trader in one of the hedge funds, there were once talks about purchasing a business software to do some of the work, I remember how the guys got so panicky about the whole thing. They had huge mortgages and debts, so the thought of being replaced by a software was rough.

  3. Found this post a bit sad, so many people spend most of their working lives, doing something that means nothing :(

  4. Hi there, just found this post in my RSS, very good post. I like this website because it gets updated on a regular basis, which is nice, it is not all about hard sale! it is about giving real information and value. So thank you very much!

  5. Thanks Ronellbu we do try to give some real value here, we are truly passionate about what we do, we really want to empower people through technology and get people to use it more to succeed in their business and life in general.

  6. It is true that you named the title “Business Software contribute to the Paper-Pushing industry” pushing-paper is an industry for itself. check how many corporate fancy titles you get to see, which basically mean nothing . People who spend their days sitting and producing more and more reports that no one reads

  7. Forgot to mention that they eventually did replace some of the work with a business software which actually made it easier on the guys. There were many lay-offs a year later but that was because they started out-sourcing work out of the US.

  8. Great article, i was aware of of Maynard Keynes’ prediction, and was wondering about it often too..glad to see he was not wrong ….

  9. I love and develop business management software myself for many years, i checked the demo you sent me thanks and it looks fab!

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