How Business Management Software are reshaping our future

Who would have thought 20-30 years ago? That people will use mobile apps and internet to run their businesses. Back then it might have sounded like science fiction, especially to small business owners.
I remember my neighbour’s old printing workshop ,nothing more than a dark room, where he used to get orders from clients who came over physically to make them, or at best via the telephone. I remember, how he used to write the orders down using his well sharpened tiny pencil and filed them in one of those old brown paper folders. When the printing order was ready to be delivered he sometimes used us, the neighborhood kids to run to one of the clients house and shout out of the window that the order was ready for them to collect. If we were really good he let us turn the manual printing machine ourselves.

Those days are long gone. Our neighbour has retired many years ago, and he is now 93 years old. But the old printing house is still there. The new owners happy with the prime location in a large city center, changed it dramatically. The old manual printing machine has been replaced by fast shiny massive printers. The workshop room has been extended to a vast hall with colourful lights and airconditioning units. The old paper folder and tiny lid pencil , have been replaced by a business software that runs the orders, the cash flow, the inventory, the clients, pretty much the whole thing.

Last time I passed by their window, I saw that they were printing large brochures for one of the biggest companies in the world.

Although, sometimes I do miss those old simpler days, I was happy to see the old printing workshop of my childhood thriving. And although printing does use a lot of paper and other nature resources, it was nice to see that this entire business was run completely paper free by their business management software.

Technology allows businesses to grow rapidly, serve more people, create a paper free environment and frees up people’s time.

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6 thoughts on “How Business Management Software are reshaping our future

  1. Very interesting post. Clearly we can see the advantages of our time by using Business Management Software, but, you can’t argue with the fact that there was some good old charm to the old days.

  2. Thanks for this lovely post, was glad to read that the business was still there, although it was now completely different…

  3. I do bless technology on a daily basis :), I can’t imagine my day as a business owner mother of two without technology, that would be some mad day

  4. Good article, i enjoyed reading it , very good insight about business software and our view of the future. scary to think what technology will look like 100 years from now , where more can we go?

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