What is Business Automation?

If you are in Business, be it a freelancer of any kind, a shop owner, a big corporate manager,a simple trader or even if you work in the public service. You have probably come across the term Business Automation. Many people blurt in out without even realising what it means, they just know it has something to do with technology.

Many people get baffled by the term “Business Automation” or in it’s the proper way “Business Process Automation” or BPA.

Let me give you a bit of a background on what it means. If you ask someone from the industry to explain this term to you, you will probably hear many confusing words such as interface, linkage, system functionality. It gets even worse. Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, redeployment of integrated tools, re-engineering of renovated module and basically you get a lot of complex terminology that no one really gets. This is corporate speech to basically say this, business automation is looking at what a company does and coming up with a software that does it better. Much more simple hey? you got to love corporate speech.

Business Process Automation is a brilliant thing. If you are a medium-sized or a large company, you should definitely come up with a plan of automation. The time and money spent initially will pay its worth and much much more very very quickly. It will also minimise risk and errors that are caused by normally very tired and sometimes very bored employees.

For a freelancer, it should be a lot simpler and a lot cheaper! Don’t be fooled into spending a lot of money on fancy IT solutions.

Just follow this simple exercise. Write down everything that you do on a daily basis. (In corporate jargon Map out your processes). Think about how you can do them quicker and better. (In corporate jargon come up with a suggested technological specification for your requirements). Then buy software that does just that. (In corporate jargon purchase an integrated solution). See, you can do exactly what the big corporate do but with a lot less meetings and headaches.



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