Are The Big Boys Squeezing Us Out?

Hi readers,

Yesterday, I received an email asking me if I could spread the word on something I read. Now, I don’t normally spread the word, but after reading this piece, I am gladly going to do so. As you probably know from reading my last posts, I don’t particularly like big corporations, and even less, the people who get so empowered by working in a corporation, that they confuse their own identity and think like a shareholder, not realising that they are merely the employees on a pay cheque and they can easily get a kick in their shareholder-think-alike butt.

The piece is called The Coming Adwords War by Mike Reining who is a co-founder of MindValleyLabs. If you are not new to the internet business, you must have heard about them, they are two young guys who build a multi-million internet company from scratch, and if you wish to read more about them please go to

Now, my point was, in this piece of the Coming Adwords War, Mike was talking about the big corporations of the of the internet. He gives specific tactics on how to fight the big boys on their place in Google. He is basically saying that small businesses are at immediate risk of getting completely wiped out if they don’t act now and fast.

If you think of the London high street or any other high street in the western world, you will see the big brands have already pushed out the little businesses that used to proudly be there in the past. They came and ate them alive with their deep pockets and ruthlessness, offering nothing unique at all, just mass solutions to the masses. They’ve already WON the high streets.

The high street of the internet is Google of course, and the shops are Google’s sponsored links. They are already dominated by the big brands, if you search for a book you will immediately see, Amazon, Waterstones, The big supermarket brands, they are there first. Has what happened in our high streets is happening before our very own eyes in the biggest high street in the world? of course it is..

We at iQ Desk, as the owners of a small company, are worried. We can’t bid as high as the other big brands and buy the best spots in Google. If we play in their play ground, will we eventually get eaten alive, however niche we are and however good the product we offer?

Shall all small businesses go and play elsewhere? Build our own search engine where the big brands are not allowed? Or only pledge to buy from the small ecommerce sites? ( This is what we try to do).