After years of working as employees for big corporations , we realized most people we see are not happy people, but troubled people. Colleagues we spoke with always spoke of their desire to open their own businesses, but were too afraid to try because the heard it was very hard out there by yourself.

When we started researching the reasons why most small businesses fail, we noticed that the reasons were quite simple. Lack of management skills which led to negative cash-flows.

We also realized that the main reason people didn’t take the time to manage their business was because they had no time to spare!. Yes, they were too busy working . So in fact, they became employees again in their own business this time, and not business owners like they always wanted. They were miserable again, and constantly scared of losing their business.

So, we developed iQDesk 1.0 Business Management Software which is a free version that offers basic business management tools. We were surprised to see that people kept and kept downloading it, after 18 months we had over 20,000 downloads. We saw that there is a huge demand for business management software out there, downloads came from all over the world. We didn’t even advertise the business software properly and people kept coming.

We decided to develop a new, improved and a much much better business management software. iQdesk 2.0.

We spent months of analysing the true needs of a small business owner. As we are a small company ourselves, we kept testing it while actually working on it. We decided to put a lot of emphasis on the small business finances. We wanted to educate people that cash-flow, financial forecast and costs don’t only belong to large companies, but we, as small business owners need to manage them too, even more than the big companies!

As we are essentially a development company, we used our very own programmers to develop the business software. We thought about the next generation businesses that needed to be able to share and communicate with the client, to interact. That’s why we like to think of it as the next generation software for the next generation business owner.

iQdesk Ltd. has been in the internet and technology business since 2006. We are a global company with branches in Nepal , Israel and the UK. We are a registered company in the UK. We are a small company with just over 11 people working with us. We believe in sharing our knowledge and empowering small business owners through technological means. We specialise in developing tools and software for small to medium sized companies.